What is Non-Invasive Filler?

Non-invasive fillers are used to provide a fuller or more contoured look with Hyaluronic acid. It is deposited into the skin (dermal and epidermal) using air pressure from the provided pen that turns the HA into nano-scale molecules. Collagen Injections were introduced in the 1980s to create symmetry on the face. Even though they do not take place of Botox or filler entirely, but still are considered a great alternative.

Why Should You Get It?

The major reason why clients should try the service is because we produce the substance in our body.It resides in our joints, eyeballs, and skin.It keeps the water in within the epidermis and dermal of the skin, but over the years our bodies produce less and less.This service generally lasts for 3-6 months because of our metabolism.Which is a good thing so always encourage a rebook around that time.

Skin Disorders

Anyone with an inflammatory skin disorder of any kind should not get the service. Here are some listed skin disorders that would raise concerns while performing the service

Actinic Keratosis

Rough scaly patches caused by the sun


Red swollen and sore skin with small blisters.

Squamous Cell Cancer

Seen on skin as scaly patches, open sores or warts



Latex allergy

Herpes Simplex



In What Areas You Should Avoid Getting The Treatment?

Service should not be performed on the bridge of the nose, forehead, and crow’s feet or under-eye bags because it can result in blindness.

Requirements to Perform the Treatment

A blood Pathogen Certificate is necessary to provide this service. Following is a list of insurances to cover all bases.







  • Putting on gloves & pulling the lever to get air inside the pen
  • Filling the empty syringe with 100% hyaluronic acid & adjusting to the first line
  • Pressing the power button to do a test run
  • Bringing dial down two notches to get pen ready again. Repeating step 2 & proceeding with service.
  • On clean skin setting the markings, 3mm apart using a surgical pen.
  • With pinched pressure hitting the power & massaging HA into the skin.


⦁ Apply ice
⦁ Drink water
⦁ Eat healthily and avoid salts
⦁ Avoid working out for 48 hrs
⦁ No blood thinners
⦁ Don’t smoke
⦁ No oral sex until swelling has gone down

Adverse Reactions

While each customer will have different experiences with their side effects, here are some common adverse reactions
⦁ Bruising that can last 3-7 days
⦁ Swelling, tenderness or itchiness that could last a full day
⦁ Lumps that should be massaged vigorously with vitamin E every day until the HA filler is broken down.

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