Scalp Micropigmentation at a Glance

In case you are facing scalp hair loss due to a hereditary problem, have lost hair as a result of chemotherapy, tried every method, ointment, and shampoo to regain the lost hair, we are here with the needed help. 

We are a team of professional experts who are all powered up to help you with Scalp Micropigmentation in Houston.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

It is a well-known process that is also known as SMP. It is not just like any other hair tattooing procedure. Instead, it is a non-surgical process that involves the application of natural pigments into your scalp’s dermis’s upper layer. It is a  hair loss solution that makes your head look naturally shaved.

Houston Scalp Micro pigmentation
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We Help You Regain the Lost Hair

At ATPT, our experts know the true art of helping the clients regain their scalp’s lost hair with the best of their expertise, knowledge, and skills. The following video can give you a clear-cut impression of the quality of hair loss treatment that we provide.

Scalp Micro pigmentation Houston

How long Scalp Micropigmentation in Houston lasts?

It’s a semi-permanent process. The results of this treatment can be observed for almost eight long years. However, due to the skin being prone to the natural exfoliation process, the applied pigment may fade away with time.

Due to fading issues, one may need to visit the spa for touch-up sessions after every three to five years. But, if the fading of the pigment isn’t that prominent, you can delay the touch-up visits.

More so, in case you receive this treatment, you are advised to go easy on your scalp for almost ten days. After ten days, you will see that your scalp will get healed.

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Precautions to Be Taken After the Treatment

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What Does ATPT Salon Have?

  • Proper and authentic certification for SMP training. 
  • A county health permit. 
  • An environment that is sterile and clean. 
  • Have packaged needles. The technician opens the package in front of the client.
  • A license for body art practice. 

How Do We Work?

A skilled technician at Anytime Pretty Time works with keen attention to details and ensures that the dots look similar to the real hair follicles. Also, we make sure if they blend in nicely with your skin tone.

For whom is this process suitable?

This treatment is the best fit for the people with:

  • Thin hair
  • Cancer
  • Alopecia
  • Pattern baldness