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The eyelashes are a cosmetic product that is applied to your original lashes to improve them in terms of thickness, curls, length.

The eyelash extensions can last up to a long time if you take great care after getting the service. For this purpose, you must visit the salon after every two to three weeks. But, being careless about taking care of them will cause them to come off before the expected time.

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The Eyelash Extension Salon in Houston

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We have a houseful of professionals who know the true art of lash lift, removal, tinting, and refilling in the best way possible. See the following video for information.

‌‌Eyelash‌ ‌Extensions‌

Is the Eyelash Filling Procedure Suitable for All?

Well, it isn’t. The reason being, it depends on the following things, such as: 

  1. The budget that you can spare. 
  2. Dedicatedly sparing time for the process.
  3. Following the guidelines to maintain the lashes.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Avoid oil-based cleansers to remove makeup from your lash extensions, as it breaks the glue that is used for their application. 
  • Avoid applying mascara to them and help them not get snagged ( this lets the extensions come off early)
  • Take care while washing your eye area. 
  • While taking a shower, do not let the water fall on your eye area, as this will loosen up the eyelash filling.
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The Types of Lash Services We Provide:

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Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • They give you a fabulous look:

Eyelash extensions in Houston can give you a more dramatic look as compared to when you apply mascara to them. They are a better option as compared to false lashes. 

  • They provide you with instant results:

You can attain a confident look soon after you get your lashes applied. Plus, you will also get rid of the trouble of applying mascara to your lashes on a daily basis. 

  • They can help you save time:

With lash extensions, you feel no need to apply makeup, as you already look good with them. To retain the look, you can visit the salon to refill the missing gaps.

They can last for a long time: 

The results of the procedure can be observed for almost two to three weeks. However, if you visit the salon for regular refills, you can enjoy the results as long as you want.