Got A Lash Extension Appointment at A Medical Spa in Houston?

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Eyelash extensions are going to change the way you see makeup forever once you get them for the first time. Our medical spa in Houston has had the honor of performing countless lash extensions and we at Anytime Pretty Time strive to achieve perfection each time. However, while we try our best to make sure you get the highest quality and great-looking lash extensions there is something you can do on your half to ensure a proper eyelash extension application. By making simple preparations beforehand you can ensure the result will exceed your expectations. With that being said, here is how you can prep for a lash extension appointment.

Arrive For Your Lash Extensions Application At Our Houston Spa With A Clean Face And Lashes

One of the easiest, yet one of the most important, preparations you can make before arriving for your lash extensions application at our Houston spa is to clean your face and eyelashes properly. Since eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes using a specially designed adhesive, any oils or leftover eye makeup can prevent the extension adhesive from properly sticking to your lashes.

While we do our prep and cleansing before starting the eyelash extension process, if you have done it beforehand it saves time and allows us to focus on the real task. With that being said, you can always wear facial makeup when arriving at our spa for eyelash extension.

Shower And Wash Your Hair Before The Eyelash Extension Application

Once the eyelash extensions have been applied you will have to wait at least 24 hours before you can wet the eyelash extensions. Therefore it is a good idea to shower and wash your hair before the eyelash extension application. That is because the adhesive used to apply eyelashes requires time before it can handle moisture and if it gets wet within the first 24 hours of application there is a risk that it might not stick properly. At our medical spa in Houston, we use a high-quality adhesive that can stand humidity, but getting your freshly applied lash extensions wet is a big no. You will also have to wear glasses for some time after the extension application since the contact lenses require a solution to be applied and that can also wet your eyelash extensions.

Be Prepared To Keep Your Eyes Closed During The Eyelash Extension

When the eyelash extension is being applied you can not open your eyes so be prepared to keep your eyes closed for the duration process. Depending upon the type of eyelash extensions you need, it can take some time to complete the process. So if it is your first time getting eyelash extensions applied, make sure you are prepared for keeping your eyes closed during the eyelash extensions procedure.

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