For How Long Does Microblading Can Last ?

The results of microblading can last almost 12 to 18 months,depending upon the pigments’ longevity and the skin type of the client. For clients with oily skin, the impact of microblading can be seen for almost 12 months, after which they might need a touch-up. For clients with general skin type, the results of microblading can be seen until a period of 18 months.

Does Microblading Look Bad After The First Session ?

Well, it depends. During the initial days and weeks when you avail of the microblading services, your brows might look dark and thick, which might make you feel weird about them. However, after some time, the darkness and thickness of your brows will start to fade, making you feel confident and comfortable about your brows. 

Am I Allowed To Wash My Brows Soon After a Microblading Session ?

No, you cannot. You are advised to protect your brows from water, soap, makeup, and lotion for almost seven days after getting the microblading service. One must wash the face without letting the water touch the treated area.

What Are The Benefits Of Non-Invasive Lipo Laser ?
  1. The treatment helps you see immediate impact soon after getting the session, as the process breaks and removes the fatty tissues.
  2. The process causes minimal discomfort, as compared to the general liposuction procedures.
  3. The recovery time of this treatment is quite less. 
How Many Sessions Of Non-Invasive Lipo Laser Are Required For Better Results ?

Almost six to eight sessions are required for attaining the best results.

For How Long Can Scalp Micro Pigmentation Can Last ?

It can last for almost eight complete years. The results of the procedure can fade with time due to the natural exfoliation of the skin.

Do The Results Of Scalp Micro Pigmentation Look Real ?

In case you receive this service via an expert, the results will look natural. The results of this procedure can be observed best on a shaved head.

Does SMP impact the hair follicles ?

No, it does not. However, in this process, the person providing the service creates density and depth in between your existing follicles.

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