Celeste Hawkins’ Encouraging Chat with Voyage Houston

The owner of Anytime Pretty Time, Celeste Hawkins, recently had an inspiring interview with Voyage Houston about her journey of starting the beauty bar.

Q: Hi Celeste, We Are Honored To Have You Here Today. What Can You Tell Us About Your Journey?

Starting the journey in 2012, we have reached this point with persistence and faith. Our main focus is to provide a high-quality and whole experience to every individual with our services and testimonies.

Q: I’m Sure the Journey Would Not Have Been Easy. How Would You Describe It?

It surely has been a ride. From moving between places to establishing the business during the current pandemic, I am happy that we have one location now, our home in Galleria.

Q: Anytime Pretty Time, LLC Has Been Great And Impressive Over The Years. But For People Who Might Not Be Familiar, How Would You Describe Your Services To Them. And What Makes You Different From Others?

Our beauty bar is located in an alluring building on Voss. We have multiple services catering to both men and women. We have a solution to multiple beauty concerns of people including non-invasive fillers, permanent treatment for hair loss, and weight loss treatments. But above all, we are most known for the permanent brow services. The thing that makes us different from other beauty bars is the payback to the community. In October of every year, we give away 50 cancer patients complimentary permanent brows. Also, every month, I organize sessions with kids around the country to make them aware of how the beauty industry is a good career choice. I am also proud of my customer services and the new skincare line. The products are organic and hit among our clients. We also take special care of the SOPs of COVID during all our sessions. Our beauty bar is also a hit among people due to the complimentary consultations we provide every season. This season, we are providing non-invasive laser at a discount of 40% for the first session. For the spring, we are introducing a micro-blade special. Our waiting list for that is already filling up pretty quickly.

Q: Is there someone you like to give credit to for your success?

I would be nowhere if it hasn’t been for God and my family. So, I will thank them for this success.

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