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Microblading Services Houston

A temporary tattoo procedure for attaining fuller brows.

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Facials In Houston

Using our own organic products for best results.

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Scalp Micropigmentation houston
Scalp Micro Pigmentation

A non surgical hair loss solution treatment.

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Fulfilling you with full permanent Lashes.

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Non Invasive Laser

All around the world, people dream of having a tonedwaist.

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Non Invasive Fillers
Botox and filler

We all want plump skin which is a sign healthy useful skin.

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Providing very distinguished beauty services

A Beauty Bar That is Changing Lives Each and Every Day

Our expert technician provide you with the best skincare services to help you achieve radiant, young, and impeccable skin. Whether you want to look glowing in an upcoming event or just want a routine skincare treatment, we cater to both.

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Team Anytime Pretty Time is amazing at their job. I was facing a problem of missing hair in my brows that was hindering my personality. I contacted team Anytime Pretty Time for this purpose, and they helped me get rid of the issue with their amazing microblading services. In short, they helped me enhance my personality and helped me gain the confidence I deserved.

hair patches

I was facing a severe issue of missing hair patches on my head, which made me wear caps and hats. All I wanted was to walk out in public without the fear that people around might judge me. Then a friend of mine told me about the Anytime Pretty Time Beauty Clinic, and they helped me get rid of this problem with their astounding scalp micro-pigmentation process

ATPT, The Best Medical Spa in Houston, Texas

At ATPT, we help those who want specialized beauty services to enhance their personality and feel confident via their perfect looks.  It doesn’t matter if you:

  • Lost your hair due to an accident, or illness
  • Unknowingly plucked your brow hair, or have sparse brows for a long time
  • Want to lose unwanted body fat
  • Want your lashes to make an impact

We are here for your assistance.

At ATPT, we help our customers with the following services such as, 

  1. Permanent Lash Application 
  2. Microblading
  3. Scalp Micro-Pigmentation
  4. Facials
  5. Non-invasive Lipo Laser

Let’s discuss each in detail:

Permanent Lash Application:

Voluminous and symmetrical lashes give you the confidence to look straight into the eye of others, flaunt your mascara, and hold a firm gaze. We at ATPT Medical Spa Houston help our customers with both permanent and semi-permanent lash applications. The semi-permanent lashes can last up to two to three weeks, as it depends upon the speed with which your natural lashes grow. But, permanent lashes can last until your lifetime. For more information, visit our office, or you can also call our customer service officer.


Our ATPT Medical Spa in Houston will help you with the following types of microblading services:

Microblading (Basic)

Helping you regain the missing hair in your brows

Microblading (Basic + shading)

Adding an elegant airbrush finish to the brows


Adding a vibrant outline to your brows with a pronounced finish.

Scalp Micropigmentation

It is a hair loss treatment method that is 100 %  non- surgical. Here our experts apply the natural pigments within the dermal layer of your scalp. This process displays a natural shaved scalp look. In short, it is one of the best method where we can help you fill the gaps caused due to the loss of scalp hair. 


We help our customers with the best facial services, helping them acquire healthy and glowing skin. We use our own organic skin care products for facial services. We also apply customized facials according to the client’s skin concerns.

Non-invasive Lipo Laser

It is a purely non-invasive laser treatment, where we help you get rid of your unwanted fat and help your body get contoured. Plus, with this method, we tend to influence lymphatic drainage and limit the appearance of cellulite. We give a service that provides plumping skin using a needless method.

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